Acceleren Consulting was founded on a simple desire to provide the ‘secrets’ and formula for achieving true, sustainable ‘Organization Transformation Through Process Excellence’ to all interested organizations, regardless of their size, type, financial position or place in the journey. I have spent over 20 years learning, applying and modifying approaches to Process Excellence as part of consulting companies like Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte Consulting and George Group, including the past 10 years developing, executing and fine tuning Lean Six Sigma deployment techniques at venerable companies/organizations such as ITT, Caterpillar, Xerox, HB Fuller and the U.S. Navy, among others. Our mission is to help you achieve the same success as these notable organizations, whether you are a ‘do it yourselfer’ or need a partner to help you along the way. We have built our company and this website to provide you the necessary resources to achieve that success. If you have a passion to learn and apply, we are here to help. I encourage you to take just a few minutes to learn more About Us and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.

- Wishing You Success in Your Journey,
Rick Hardcopf

As a practitioner, educator, author and speaker, Mr. Hardcopf has spent over 20 years refining and developing methods for implementing Lean and Six Sigma. He brings unmatched expertise and experience in synergistically implementing sustainable Lean and Six Sigma solutions in both profit and not-for-profit organizations. He has also worked across a variety of industries, including process and discrete manufacturing, government, healthcare and a broad range of service industries. His innovative approaches have been documented in several Lean Six Sigma books, and 100% of his clients have achieved a positive ROI and are referenceable. At the heart of Mr. Hardcopf’s unique approach is the ability to provide custom solutions to each clients unique needs, while at the same time leveraging ‘best practices’ and ‘lessons learned’ from the multitude of successful implementations he has led or in which he has participated. In addition, Mr. Hardcopf brings several proprietary tools and methods to each client, ensuring speed and efficiency of implementation, and assurance of sustainability.

As a Lean Six Sigma deployment specialist, Mr. Hardcopf has:

A perfect record of successful implementations and satisfied, referenceable clients
Successfully led some of the most complex implementations in the world
Built customizable deployment methodology for synergistically implementing Lean and Six Sigma in organizations of all types (profit or non-for-profit) and sizes.
Created numerous proprietary tools and methods for successfully executing Lean Six Sigma deployments, including the Deployment Acceleration and Alignment Workshop, the Deployment Maturity Assessment and the Lean Six Sigma Roadmap.

As an author, Mr. Hardcopf has contributed to the books ‘Lean Six Sigma’, Lean Six Sigma for Service’ and the upcoming ‘Transforming Government Using Lean Six Sigma’.

As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB), Mr. Hardcopf has:

Trained over 700 Black Belts (DMAIC and DfLSS) and Green Belts
Mentored over 100 projects to completion, each realizing, on average, over $200K in after-tax savings.
Created custom curriculum for Black Belts (DMAIC and DfLSS), Green Belts, Yellow Belts, Executives and Project Sponsors.

As a Lean Specialist, Mr. Hardcopf has delivered quality, cost and cycle time improvements in excess of 75%, while realizing millions in cost savings.

As a Lean and Six Sigma specialist, Mr. Hardcopf consistently guides organizations to achieve significant and sustainable operational improvements. Most recently, as an Executive for the world leader in Lean Six Sigma, Mr. Hardcopf led arguably the most successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma in a government setting at the time, having led a successful implementation within a 60k+ personnel organization.

To speak with Rick, please call him at (612) 670-7339 or email him at

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