Duration: 3-5 days

The Deployment Alignment and Acceleration Workshop is the key mechanism we use to incorporate Lessons Learned and Best Practices from previous deployments into the development of a customized deployment plan and approach for every new deployment of Lean Six Sigma.  In addition, it has the added benefit of vastly accelerating the deployment and building consensus and buy-in across the entire organization. 

To execute the workshop, we have codified the 100+ key decisions which need to be made during the launch and execution of every deployment into a decision making tool.  Additionally, we have incorporated Best Practices and Lessons Learned from numerous previous deployments into the workshop; ensuring key decisions are made using the absolute best possible information.  The workshop is conducted in a collaborative, cross-organizational format, ensuring the best possible decisions are made, while also building consensus, buy-in and momentum for the deployment.

Key Outputs:
30%+ of the most critical and time-sensitive decisions needed to effectively launch a deployment are resolved
A formalized decision making structure is implemented to resolve the remaining deployment decisions during the weeks following the workshop
The deployment, and subsequent financial results, is accelerated by as much as 6 - 12 months
Collaborative decisions are made, ensuring the best decisions, while also building commitment, momentum and buy-in
Decisions are made with a full understanding of the consequences and trade-offs that need to be made with other decisions, ensuring the best possible result

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