The Acceleren Consulting team provides a worldwide presence along with the resources, capability and experience to handle Lean Six Sigma deployments and assignments of any size or scope.
We have effectively partnered with some of the largest companies in the world and have also successfully worked with smaller privately held firms. In addition, we have extensive experience partnering with various agencies of the Federal Government. Our ability to effectively leverage our vast experience and known ‘best practices’ to quickly bring customized, flexible and sustainable solutions to each of our clients, no matter the size, has led to a perfect record of customer satisfaction. A sampling of our experience, by sector, function and government agency, is listed below:

Private Sector Experience
Public Sector Experience

Our team consists of highly talented, expert consultants who typically have more than 20 years of experience implementing and supporting large-scale change across organizations of all types and sizes. Given the seniority of our professionals, our deployment approach leverages client resources extensively to achieve the required results in the most cost effective manner. This approach has an additional benefit of facilitating effective knowledge transfer, accelerating the path to true self-sustainability, while at the same time building tremendous buy-in and momentum. We have the resources to handle engagements of all sizes and complexity, in the United States or around the world.

Global Reach – We achieve global reach through a vast network of Partner organizations and Associates around the world. All of the Partner organizations and Associates have been pre-qualified to Acceleren Consulting’s demanding standards and bring the same level of expertise and capability as our domestic team.