Kaizen Events (or Rapid Improvement Events) are one of surest ways to generate momentum and drive sustainable change quickly. Further, they are an excellent compliment to more traditional Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt projects, ensuring an immediate ROI, while allowing the more deeply transformational projects time to work.

At Acceleren Consulting, our Master Black Belts and Lean Sensei’s have each individually executed over 25 Kaizen events, with some having executed over 100 events. We bring this experience to every event we execute for you.

Further, our approach to Kaizen is one of knowledge transfer. In every event we conduct, we spend the time to mentor a client co-facilitator on the fine points of Kaizen execution, preparing them to independently run future Kaizen events. Our approach to mentoring follows a 3-cycle approach (watch-do-lead), i.e. watch one, do one side-by-side with a Sensei and then lead one, with Sensei mentorship. After 3 cycles, the student is ready to execute Kaizen events independently.

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