Acceleren Consulting has the experience, resources and intellectual capital to be your single-source provider for all of your Lean Six Sigma needs, whether those needs be for a full-scale, worldwide implementation or just some advice and counseling.

Our consultants have led world-wide deployments in 65k+ person organizations, while also having delivered support for 10 person organizations just needing some advice. Our Vision Statement states our objective is to “make Lean Six Sigma accessible and available to organizations of all types and sizes”. As such, no potential client is too small or too large. Even if you’re not sure what direction to go or what to do next and just need a little advice, we are here to help.

Key to our approach is building a custom solution for each client which builds upon our deep Lean Six Sigma implementation experience, leverages our proprietary deployment tools and implementation roadmap and incorporates the unique experiences of each of our deeply knowledgeable consultant professionals. By leveraging our personal and collective experience, along with our deployment tools and implementation roadmap, we effectively get the ‘best of both worlds’, i.e. a customized solution which can be implemented quickly and has the assurance of success.

Ultimately, we have two key measures of deployment success.

1. The length of time from deployment launch to achieve true cost neutrality, i.e. hard savings realized meet or exceed hard cash outlays. We have a perfect record of achieving cost neutrality within 12 months of deployment launch.

2. The length of time until our clients are ‘self sustaining’, i.e. they have fully internalized the Lean Six Sigma capability and are executing their deployment without consultant assistance. We have a perfect record of achieving ‘self sustainment’ within 2 years.