We have leveraged over 10 years of extensive Lean Six Sigma training and deployment experience to bring together what we believe to be a Best-In-Class approach to achieving Green Belt and Black Belt Certification:

Exceptional Resources and Learning Environment

Our courses are taught at Hamline University’s new Minneapolis campus, with new, state-of-the art classrooms and training facilities.

Our Lead Instructor, Rick Hardcopf (see bio), is a certified Master Black Belt and has trained over 1000 Black Belts and Green Belts.  As important, Mr. Hardcopf has successfully led several major deployments of Lean Six Sigma and brings that experience to the classroom, going well beyond just teaching the tools and the DMAIC process, to teaching Black Belts and Green Belts how to achieve sustainable success.

Features That Make our Program Unique

2+2 (Progressive) training format – Green Belts and Black Belts attend the 1st two weeks of training together, while the Black Belts continue for an additional two weeks of training.
    - Previously trained Green Belts can attend any of our sessions to complete the final 2 weeks
      of training for Black Belt certification.

LEAN Six Sigma – We actively incorporate Lean training with Six Sigma training, achieving powerful synergies and the best of both methodologies.  Students no longer must choose Lean OR Six Sigma, but rather learn to apply the right tools to the right situation at the right time, to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

Project Mentoring is included in the class price to assist the students in the development of a Project Charter which will achieve the organizational impact and desired ROI.

Certification – We offer a simple process to achieve Green Belt and Black Belt certification.

We are much more than trainers – Our company mission is to “Assist organizations of all types to achieve and sustain Organizational Transformation through Process Excellence” (see about us).  As such, we bring to the classroom the real-world experience of having successfully deployed Lean Six Sigma in organizations of all types and sizes, and the requisite keys to success.  Further, should you need a Lean Six Sigma deployment partner, whether your objective is simply support in training and mentoring or to help you ‘deploy’ Lean Six Sigma to transform your organization, we are here to help.

We are a local provider – After training is complete, we are here to support you.



To Register for our Open Enrollment Green Belt and Black Belt training, please contact us.