We believe that effective Collaboration is the best approach to achieving optimal client results, since one service provider does not always possess all of the necessary expertise ‘in-house’ to put forward the absolute best delivery team.  To this end, we have developed a vast network of strategic Partnerships and Associations (see Our Team, Partners and Global Reach), which allows us to ensure the absolute best experts are brought to bear on any particular project.  This Collaboration is transparent to our clients, as the delivery team will function as one cohesive unit.  Additionally, this belief and expertise in Collaboration extends to service providers already engaged by a client.  Our only mission is Customer Service and we will work Collaboratively with all existing stakeholders to achieve it.
We believe that our professional (and personal) life should be one of never-ending curiosity and learning. The moment we lose our curiosity and our desire to keep learning and growing is the moment our ‘passion’ becomes a job. The outcome of lost curiosity is diminished results for our customers and diminished satisfaction in our personal lives. As such, we work only with mature professionals who do ‘the work they do’ because they have found their passion and they live it every day. We are truly ‘passionate’ about what we do and that passion will rub off on your organization.
We fundamentally believe that knowledge should be shared, as opposed to hoarded. While we recognize that Intellectually Property development and social networks are the lifeblood of the consulting profession, we believe that our mission is to share what we know so that the greatest value can be realized by the greatest number of organizations. Our key organizational metric of success is not our financial bottom line, but rather the net results that can be achieved in as many organizations as possible. As mentioned previously, we are passionate about what we do and we are here to help in any way possible.
We believe that our success must ultimately be measured in the bottom line financial value that we generate through our work. While there are many ways to measure value, the only measure on which everyone will agree to be critical is whether true, auditable financial return has been realized. Our preferred metric is EVA (Economic Value Add). Other benefits are important, but secondary to achieving a true ROI, as measured by the P&L impact of the projects we do.
While we use the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma in almost everything we do, it is unimportant what ‘label’ is attached to the work we do. Whether it is called Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Process Improvement, Business Process Engineering, Value Stream Redesign or something altogether different, what is important is that we meet your unique requirements and exceed your expectations, as measured by EVA, ROI, or some alternative measure.