We bring a proven set of proprietary methodologies, tools and techniques to every engagement. These have been fine tuned through multiple cycles of learning over the past 20+ years, at organizations just like yours. We leverage that learning not only through the methodologies, tools and techniques themselves, but also in the form of the ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Lessons Learned’ we have gathered from prior deployments. We ensure that you receive a solution which is not only custom to your requirements, but also one in which you can be confident will deliver the results you require.
As discussed as part of Our Tenets, we are obsessive about Speed, i.e. Speed of Lean Six Sigma deployment, Speed of project execution, Speed in customer service and Speed in everything else we do. Using tools such as our Deployment Acceleration and Alignment Workshop or project acceleration methodologies like Project Acceleration Workshops or Kaizen Events, we work relentlessly to drive bottom-line results faster than anyone else.
Our professionals average over 20 years of experience, with most having achieved the designation of Master Black Belt or Lean Sensei. We also collaborate with a wide variety of Partners and Associates, each expert in their respective fields. The result is a team unequaled in their ability to deliver results exceeding customer expectations each time.