Honesty, trust and respect are the foundation of our integrity, which is part of everything we do. Without Integrity, everything else we do is without meaning.
We bring personal attention and customized solutions to each client. We purposefully limit the number of engagements on which we work to ensure that each customer has our full attention.
As with any organization, our reputation ultimately becomes our ‘business card’. Our reputation is built upon delivering ‘Best in Class’ client solutions through the use of proprietary methodology and expert professionals.
By delivering superior results on 100% of our projects, we achieve our own self-sustainability, allowing us to continue our mission to share that about which we are passionate to the greatest number of organizations.
Passion in what we do is the energy that fuels our lives. We promise to bring that passion to every client and project and expect that some it will rub off on your organization.
At Acceleren Consulting, we believe that sharing one’s blessings, whether that be one’s time or financial resources, is what ultimately builds a foundation for a purposeful life. As such, we incorporate this Value into the work we do every day by allocating a portion of our available time pro-bono to support organizations which are helping others, who might not otherwise be able to realize the benefits of Lean Six Sigma.
    Grameen Foundation (www.grameenfoundation.org) – the Grameen Foundation envisions a world where the poor have broken the generational chain of poverty and lead lives of respect, dignity and opportunity.To achieve a world without poverty and enable the poor, especially the poorest, Grameen Foundation provides products and services in the areas of finance, technology, human capital and social performance monitoring to associated institutions and organizations in Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East-North Africa.
      Acceleren Consulting is providing pro-bono support to help Grameen Foundation deploy Lean Six Sigma. This includes training, as well as direct project support.
If your organization’s mission is to help others and you are interested in Lean Six Sigma, please Contact Us and see if there is way that we can help you.