We have shaped our extensive experience into an integrated toolbox for planning, implementing and sustaining ‘Organizational Transformation through Process Excellence’. Whether you are just beginning the journey to achieving Process Excellence or Lean Six Sigma excellence, or supplementing a current program, Acceleren Consulting can customize an approach to meet your unique needs.

We provide a full suite of services, from expert implementation support, to customized training, to professional mentoring, to a wide variety of consulting services, each tailored to your specific needs. Through our approaches to knowledge transfer, we help develop the critical skills needed by your employees and future leaders, while reducing spend on external consultants. To maximize learning, our training experts create tailored programs, coupled with real projects that get real results. Our mentoring and leadership coaching services help ensure success from the classroom to the field. Lastly, we execute everything in the least amount of time possible by using proprietary tools such as the Deployment Alignment and Acceleration Workshop, among several other tools and methodologies.