True understanding of the issues and opportunities across an end-to-end Value Chain requires a methodology that enables companies to step back, look at the big picture, and drill down to project-level opportunities. Further, the ability to identify, prioritize and execute these business improvement opportunities across the full Value Chain (e.g., Supply Chain) is an effort which holds high strategic and financial reward.

At Acceleren Consulting, we leverage our Project Identification and Scoping methodology (PISW), in conjunction with Lean Six Sigma DMAIC and DMEDI (Design for Lean Six Sigma) methodologies, to drive rapid and sustainable transformation across any Value Chain. The process is two-phased:

Phase 1: Framing and Scoping – Leveraging the PISW methodology, the broader Value Chain is mapped and analyzed to arrive at a collection of high-value projects. The projects can be of many varieties, including ‘just do it’, Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt projects, or other strategic projects.

Phase 2: Project Execution – In this phase, individual projects are executed in priority order, using the appropriate methodology to drive the greatest value to the organization in the shortest possible time. If the projects require the Lean Six Sigma methodology, they will be launched as Black Belt or Green Belt projects. If not, they will be handled as required.

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